361 Thinking

Why 361 Thinking

When you want to name a consultancy that does green things, your first resort is a name that has green in it, right? Perhaps GreenOverGreed or something. I thought with target group for this service being mainly marketers, people that are by nature doomed to look for playfulness in names, the name doesn't have to be that obvious. Also - the target groups knows what a Pantone code is.

So I asked Priidu what is the most beautiful Pantone green in his view. Pantone 361, he answered quickly. I would have preferred to call this virtual company Pantone 361 Thinking but the people from Pantone were not too keen on the idea:

We appreciate your interest in our proprietary color systems, technology and other intellectual property.

Please be advised that we have reviewed your inquiry and due to our current business strategies, we are unable to permit the use of our intellectual property in this manner. Please confirm that your firm will not be moving forward so that we may close out our files.

Again, thank you for your inquiry and please do not hesitate to contact us again in the future for other projects that may be of interest.

So 361 Thinking it is. Perhaps it's even better without the Pantone dragging along in the name. It sort of suggests that if you have taken the holistic sustainable 360-degree socially responsible (aka green) view on your business there's always something more one can do.

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