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Sail Bags Maui makes bags out of recycled kites

06.06.09, Autor, Comment

What a good idea
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Green claims of UK supermarkets

26.10.08, Autor, Comment

UK supermarkets are replacing doorless freezers with ones with doors and seem to claim they only have the noblest aims for doing so. A few months ago there was discussion about how not giving away free plastic bags is good for the planet. Both are good initiatives, and have my full support, for what it's worth. But come on guys, you're doing it to cut costs, not to hug trees. Is this greenwash really necessary for justifying common sense decisions?

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The second coming of outdoor banners

10.10.08, Autor, Comment

I am very proud to present the first successful project of 361 Thinking. Supermarket chain Rimi Estonia now sells carrier back made of their used outdoor posters. See coverage in Best Marketing, Postimees, Äripäev and Andrus Purde's blog.
Big up to Rimi for hearing us out and immediately going with this new and untested idea. Thanks to Ambient Estonia, too for their heroic work with actually getting these bags sewed.
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Why 361 Thinking

26.09.08, Autor, Comment

When you want to name a consultancy that does green things, your first resort is a name that has green in it, right? Perhaps GreenOverGreed or something. I thought with target group for this service being mainly marketers, people that are by nature doomed to look for playfulness in names, the name doesn't have to be that obvious. Also - the target groups knows what a Pantone code is.
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Head rohelised reklaamid

26.08.08, Autor, Comment

Best Marketingis head keskkonnateadlikkust tõstvad reklaamid.
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Here we go

15.08.08, Autor, Comment

I just created this web page. And this company.
These days it's much easier to create a web page than it is to create a company. So different from the 18th century when it was still a bitch to start a company but virtually impossible to design even the simplest web site. Funny old world, eh?
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